FO: True Friend Sweater

I'm not entirely sure what to call my True Friend Sweater...I did use three colours instead of two, switching to white when I ran out of blue, so maybe some three-based pun?  I've got it -- the Striking Sweater, because of the sharpness of the colours and the memorability of it.


In the meantime, this sweater is done!  While I wouldn't call it a quick knit, it was certainly quick to finish -- no seams to be seamed, just ends to be woven in and a dead-serious blocking.  I thought up some questions that I think I should ask myself after every major project:


1.  What did you learn from knitting this?

I learned that I can put together two cables from my interchangeable needle set to make an extra-long circular needle, and I also learned that I wished I could put together all three to make an extra-extra-long circular needle!  My goodness, there were so many stitches once I started knitting in the around, and they only increase as you go.

I learned that my unknown fibre is probably wool, because it really, really smells like wool when it's wet.

I learned that if I want to get something done quickly, I should pick a project with as little finishing as possible, since that's where I get bogged down.  The knitting is fun and gets done relatively fast; the finishing, not so much.

I also tried, probably for the first time, piercing the yarn when I was weaving in ends (rather than just kind of duplicate stitching) and I think that worked really well.

The last thing, I think, is that I should have a pen or pencil in every project bag, so that it's easy for me to make notes.  I didn't take good enough notes with this sweater.  For example, when I did the ribbing at the bottom hem, I didn't write down how many rows, and I didn't write down which bind-off method I used, so the bottom hem doesn't really match the cuffs well.  I acknowledge this is a very minor point, and no one will ever notice but me, but it does bother me and could have been avoided.  At least the two cuffs match each other, since I took good notes with the first one -- it would be way more noticeable if they didn't.

2.  Would you knit this pattern again?

I'm not sure I would knit this particular sweater again, as it's so distinctive that I don't think I need another, but I would consider knitting another sweater in fingering-weight yarn, and also another sweater by the same designer.  The pattern wasn't long, but it also wasn't short on salient details, and the construction is so, so clever.

3.  How will you wear your new sweater?

I think over black leggings or skinny jeans?  It's just a teeny bit too short to wear with leggings (at least at my age) so I think I'll have to do it with thicker pants.


Year of Sweaters Tally:  7 (I'm so happy to have this done but eep, I'd better get knitting!)