FO: Hot Mess Headband

After digging in on so many sweater projects this year, I'd really forgotten how nice it is to have smaller, instant-gratification project finished.  So little knitting, so little finishing; a quick knit.

When I was knitting this, I thought the "hot mess" part referred to the way the headband looks right after you finish the cable in the middle.  Mine kept wanting to twist back to its original orientation, essentially looking like the backside of a cable with no stitches on either side to keep it in place.  In fact, and I don't know what came over me, I had to take three runs at the cable before I managed to get it right -- chalk it up to the sheer size (I've never done a 12x12 cable before) and the fact that it's an isolated twist, with nothing to hold it in place immediately.  So if at first you don't succeed, curse and rip out and try again.

Other than a few cable troubles, this was a very quick (two-evening) project.  I used needles one size smaller than recommended, and I made mine 2 stitches wider to try to compensate.  I also, if I weren't so excited to just get started, I would have realized that I should have done a provisional CO so I could do a three-needle bind-off at the end (easy peasy and clean-looking!).  Instead, I did a long-tail CO at the beginning, a suspended BO at the end, and then a neat-o crochet slip chain to seam it at the end.  Relatively painless, but a bit bulkier than I'd like.  Also for next time, I think the band could be 1 inch smaller in circumference, to better fit my head.  Overall, though, I'm very happy with my new headband.  When are you going to start yours?