Field & Forage Naturally Dyed Yarn

There's a bit of a natural-dye trend going around the knitting world; you can dye wool with nearly anything out in your yard, garden, or pantry:  dandelions, strawberries, acorns, avocado pits, turmeric, black beans...once you start looking, a whole new world opens up.


And if you don't want to start dyeing yarn yourself, Custom Woolen Mills (located near Carstairs, Alberta) has developed Field & Forage, a line of yarns dyed with natural products like hopi sunflower, dyer's chamomile, and tansy.  I love the idea of repurposing invasive plant species and putting them to good use, and their yarns have a deep, rich colour that's not often seen with natural dyes.  My favourite is probably the Pernambuco Dark colourway, a saturated cerise.  While the price of these yarns reflects their handmade-ness, a skein or two could add verve to a larger project, and since the 2-ply base for the naturally dyed yarn is also available in natural sheep shades, it would be easy to combine a dyed skein with undyed ones.  I also really appreciate how the collection won't always be the same; like nature, the colourways will differ from year to year depending on the plants that are available.


All images by Custom Woolen Mills