Free Pattern Friday: Aidan's Socks

Is DK weight too heavy for socks?  Not necessarily; if your shoes or boots fit slightly large, they can probably accommodate a sock knit in a heavier weight (and that is therefore thicker).  I also have a pair of DK-weight knee socks that are the coziest for sleeping in, especially when I'm camping.


This is all by way of introducing today's free pattern link, for Aidan's Socks, a pair of DK-weight socks with a beautiful cable, by Heather Marano (Rav link).  There's a little chart for the braided cable, and it doesn't look too complicated -- I like charts for cables or lace that will fit on a 3x5 index card, so I can stuff it easily into my knitting bag, and I think this one would fit the bill.  They're designed for men's size 8-10, but it would be easy enough to modify the pattern for a smaller or larger foot, as a large portion of the panel is reverse stockinette stitch.  As well, I feel like the socks are on the shorter side, but it would be easy enough to modify that as well if you like a taller sock.

Image by Olann and