Reflection: How do you fit knitting into your day?

I find that even without working outside the home full-time, there's just always so much to do that it gets really hard to find time for knitting.  And don't get me wrong, I love sitting down for an hour or so in the evening and knitting, but that just doesn't always happen.

But last week H had her first parent-less swimming lesson ever (yay!) and so I was able to just sit.  Sit!  On a bench!  By myself!  And I managed to put a couple of rounds on a sock, which is very amazing to me.  Everyone else was just wasting their time, twiddling their thumbs, looking at their phones, or, you know, watching their kids in the pool.   Whatever!  :P

The lesson was only half an hour, but it feels so hard-won when you're home with a preschooler all day, and even to get a couple of rounds done is amazing.  A win for multitasking and fitting in time for the good stuff.