Back in the YEG

We caught a VERY early flight on Monday and we're back!  On the one hand, early flights help you not waste daylight hours travelling, but on the other, early flights make the day so. very. long....

But we made it.  We had a good visit -- I was looking through and I hardly took any pictures of the coolest stuff!  Mostly eating, to be honest; we had fabulous sushi, dim sum (the Richmond Hill has really upped its restaurant game since I lived there), amazing Himalayan food, grilled mahi-mahi at St. Lawrence Market, and of course, my mom's unparalleled home cooking.  And my sister and I took a macaron-making class at George Brown College (part of their Continuing Education division), which was so fun and instructive -- and of course I don't have any pictures of that, because we were so busy working.  We took in a stealth country music concert (long story; suffice it to say that no one expects a man who has played both the Phantom of the Opera and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, and who is currently appearing on Broadway, to instigate a "hootenanny"), a brewery tour in Barrie, and spent a lot of time at the playground. 

We did make it to the zoo, and we saw the pandas (who will be moving to Calgary next year).  The exhibit was extensive and super-interesting, actually.  And the playful panda babies just celebrated their second birthday!  H also decided to have a dance with a beaver statue.    

As for knitting, I ended up only taking a sock project because of limited luggage space (I can't bring myself to pay to check a bag!), and I made good progress on it.  I turned the heel and am almost ready to start the cuff at the top, and since this is the second sock, the pair is nearly done.  Some of you may be interested to find that I had no trouble taking my interchangeable needle set or my set of DPNs through airport security, though they did give my husband a load of trouble over a ceramic-bladed vegetable peeler (go figure!).