Free Pattern Friday: Herringbone Sweater

It's not often you find sweater patterns for free, and from so experienced a designer as Erika Knight, no less.

Perfect for wearing while gazing across a lake, the Irish breeze blowing through your beard, the Herringbone Sweater features a graphic pattern produced by a jacquard stitch (am I the only one who had to look that up?).  The black-and-white colour scheme is perfect, though I could see it done in cream and dark brown as well, and I betit's a thick, warm sweater.  It's on the advanced side (see instructions like "Join right shoulder with invisible stitch" and "sew sleeves into armholes to fit" -- literally, that is it) but with a good knitting reference book and a quiet nook, one could probably make it work.

Images from Olann and