About Me

I'm Valerie, and I'm the brain and hands behind Aveline Knits.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with my daughter, H, and my husband, O.  This whole knitting endeavour wouldn't be possible without their love, support, and tolerance of having every surface in the house covered in yarn.

In my little patch of the Internet, I tell you all about all the minute decisions that go into my knitting projects.  I'm really interested in all the little details of knitting that make a project polished (or not!) and in different techniques and tricks that knitters discover in the process of knitting.

I am also especially interested in knitting with local (Alberta and Canada) yarns, and have begun designing especially for such yarns.

I usually publish twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday (though I will occasionally also add a third post) so come along and explore the wide world of knitting with me.

Drop me a line at valerie@avelineknits.com -- I'd love to hear from you!